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Well, now that I have become vocal on the mailing list I thought I would tell you all how I became interested in collecting insulators, I'll try not to bore you too much. Yes David, that was me who posted the eBay auctions. In fact, my last auction was for 3 145's, a dark purple WGM, an apple green H.G.Co. and an emerald green B. They sold to jadepurple145. The auction did not go the way I had hoped and I was hoping that my reserve price would not be met cause I had grown attached to the purple WGM. Wish I had that one back. Anyway, a friend of mine led me to eBay to market some old fishing lures he had, they sold so well that I started browsing the antique/junk stores around town to find anything that I felt I could make a few bucks on.

I came across a few insulators at one store, wrote down the embossing and tried to search for some info. I did not know the slightest thing about insulators at the time. I found the on-line price guide and found that the CD 162 H.G.Co. Petticoat was worth something. So back to the store I went, gave the man my $2.00 and posted my first insulator auction. It sold for $12.50 if I remember right. I turned a few bucks and started to look a little harder for insulators, started eyeing telephone poles, and just basically driving my wife nuts.

Only a few weeks into it, I came across the purple W.G.M.Co 145, I bought it, posted it on eBay, and sold it with a sick feeling in my stomach for letting it go. I knew then that I was hooked!! I now have collected 115 insulators, most of which are the garden varieties, but I am having a great time! I rounded up about 25 of them today passing up numerous 154's and 155's, and even some H.G.Co. 145's. I have so many of them I can't possible store them all. I have spotted numerous places to retrieve insulators, I just have to find the time.

So that's my story. I went from a fella trying to turn a few bucks to a guy who has no more shelf space and can't eat on the picnic table any more (covered with glass).

If anyone would like a CD 145 (F-Skirt) B in DARK Green with amber swirls, let me know, I found quite a few of these today.

P.S. Thanks to David Whitten, he is really most responsible for getting me interested in collecting (even though we have never met). We had exchanged some E-mails during one of my apple green auctions and opened my eyes to the "wide world of insulator collecting".

Written by Patrick Morton,

Last updated Wednesday, April 26, 2000

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