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Originally from Illinois, my wife and I moved to the Phoenix area in 1982. Even though I work for an electric company, I did not start collecting insulators until last fall and more seriously starting in the Spring of this year (1999).

Up to this point, I have been collecting insulators that interest me - a different shape, a nice color (or if there is an Illinois symbol on it). I haven't decided where to specialize, although I have more Roman Helmets (9) and some of the really large ones (9-12" across - I have 11 of these) than anything else (aside from the usual collection of Hemingrays). I also have (I think) 8 suspension insulators.

As far as colors go, aside from several dozen brown insulators, I have nine white insulators.

Written by Phil Connelly,

Last updated Friday, August 19, 1999

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