Marvin Suggs' Insulator Page

My name is Marvin Suggs and my girlfriend, Michell Gutierrez have been collecting for about a year now. We like to search the railroad tracks around the Houston area where we live. The best insulator we've found was an ink blue Hemingray 19 on a pole in my hometown of Port Arthur, Texas. We paid a lineman a hundred bucks to get it!

I originally started collecting in the mid 1970's when I was a teenager but sold my collection when I graduated from High School. Some of the best pieces in our collection are CD 162 Hemingray 19's in ink and cobalt, CD 262 Columbia, CD 303 Muncie, CD 304 Coolie, CD 134 Fall River Police Signal and a CD 133 City Fire Alarm.

I am an editor at the local NBC TV station in Houston and Michelle is a student at Houston Community College. We are both members of the Lone Star Insulator Club where I am currently vice president. We love to search for insulators at shows, flea markets and along the tracks! My email address is below and would like to hear from any other collectors.

Written by Marvin Suggs,

Last updated Monday, January 8, 1996

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