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My name is Matthew Schindler, and I've been collecting insulators fora little over 10 years now. My best friend, Tev Schuetz, and I happened to stumble upon insulators at a neighbor's garage sale, and we were hooked.We started off with a small collection of Hemingray 40's, 42's, 45's and a few other common pieces. We soon began to scour the local railroad tracks and abandoned right-of-ways, uncovering more of the same, plus a few random ponies and signals. Since then, I have attended a handful of insulator shows, and my collection grew to over a thousand pieces. Due to frequent moves in the past 6 years, I have unfortunately had to reduce the size of my collection by giving away duplicates to other people, hopefully getting them started into the hobby as well. Currently, my collection stands at around 400 pieces. Some of my favorite pieces include:

During the past four years while I was away at college, I had little time to actively collect, except for stopping in antique stores on trips, acquiring only a few pieces now and then. Since I have graduated, my enthusiasm for collecting as grown rapidly, and I am looking to acquire some new additions. I am also interested in contacting other collectors in the Suncoast (Bradenton, Sarasota) area of Florida.

About Me

I am 22 years old, and graduated from Purdue University in May, 1996 with a degree in construction management. Upon graduation, I moved to Sarasota, Florida, and hired on with an underground utilities contractor, Woodruff & Sons, Inc. I work as a project manager/estimator in their main office in Bradenton.

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Here's just a brief list of some of my favorite sites on the Internet. For an unabridged version, consult my home pages at

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