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Beehive Line

I started collecting insulators in September, 1993. This follows a lifetime of collecting - stamps and coins when I was a kid - now insulators, license plates, and old fishing gear. I even have a small collection of hub caps on my garage wall. My main insulator collection consists of CD 145 beehives with emphasis on H.G. Co. Petticoats. I like the variety of color variations in them and several in my collection have been found along local rail beds.

I also have a collection of big power glass and a general collection of what I think are neat shapes and colors.

Jenny, KyleLink to off-site page, and I live in Stoddard, Wisconsin which is right on the Mississippi River. We sell our upgraded and extra insulators (and other collectibles) on our web site that can be found on our home page BeakNetLink to off-site page.

I am a Standards Administrator for a major air conditioning manufacturer and when the schedule permits, I fish a few bass tournaments. I am currently president of River Road BassmastersLink to off-site page in Stoddard.

I can be reached at:

144 South Main St.
Stoddard, WI 54658

Pole Line

Written by Kim Chapman,

Last updated Friday, May 19, 2000

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