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I'm Jeff Tracy (Purnal J. Tracy III, actually, but it takes too long to write.) I was born in 1952 in Bellville, Illinois. I lived there three months, and haven't been back since. Nothing against Bellville, but my father was career Air Force, so I spent my early years all over the place.

I'm married, with 2 children, both over 18 now, 3 dogs and 2 cats. I am employed as a Metrology Technician with Poulan / Weed Eater in Nashville, Arkansas. (An English translation of the job title: It means that I run measurement equipment, usually a coordinate measuring machine. I also write programs for them, and do blueprint interpretation and reviews, as well as any other measurement work that may be needed.)

I am a stamp collector, and former coin collector. I gave up the coins because they got too commercial, and am about to head the same way with the stamps. I also do some still photography on occasion, and have fooled around with video. Additionally, I write book reviews for the local newspaper, and am working on a novel.

Since I really needed a new hobby, I got into insulators.

The story of my discovery of insulators can be found on the "Insulator Stories" page, so I won't get into that here. Insulator hunting along the rails is a winter sport in Arkansas, though. I plan on working over the local flea markets and antique shops one of these times, just to see what I can find there. My insulator hunting partner and I have staked out some good new areas for this fall, and are hoping for more adventures and finds then.

Actually, I only have about 8 different CD Number types of insulator as of now (7/19/97), but plan on expanding that as time goes on.

Regarding expanding my collection, I have about 100 CD 218 Hemi-660's (clear only) in VNM condition, and would be glad to trade for about anything that anyone wants to offer in exchange, other than Hemi-40's or 42's. I also have, or can get, a lot of porcelain, but I have not even got around to getting catalog numbers for them yet.

Happy collecting to all!

I can be contacted at:


Jeff Tracy
117 County Road 1225
Nashville, AR 71852

Written by Jeff Tracy,

Last updated Monday, July 21,1997

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