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I have collected glass pin types since the early 1970's, and started reading Crown Jewels in 1975. I bought my first LRI (Lightning Rod Insulator) in 1978, and have collected them as a specialty since 1980. I am fortunate to own some 125+ different shapes of Glass LRIs. I am seeking to complete a shape and embossing collection. There are three, or more embossings that I am still after. I have attended 13 NIA National shows. My first being the 1977 Lakeland, Florida show.

I love doing lightning rod patent research, and digging up old lightning rod advertising information. The hobby should be more than just setting pretty little lumps of glass on a shelf!!!!! The history IS the hobby!

By profession, I am employed in the land surveying trade at a large electric utility.

I'm always looking for new pieces for my collection so let me know if you have any for sale. Even if you don't have any for sale, I'll be glad to try and answer any questions you might have about LRIs!

Jim Colburn
3750 Ramblewood Circle
Greenacres, FL 33467

Written by Jim Colburn,

Last updated Monday, May 6, 1996

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