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Hello, my name is Hugh Barbour and I collect porcelain insulators. I have collected for several years and became more serious about the hobby in 1998. It took purchasing a computer and finding out about Bill Meier�s site to bring me aware of other collectors and what they were up to. Here are my favorites.

Let me know if you are interested in trading or you just want to talk insulators. I live in West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. I haven�t met many Canadian collectors, as there are no clubs in my area. Drop me a line at

In The Beginning

In 1987 I started a lineman apprenticeship with a contracting outfit in Vancouver, B.C. As I was from Creston, B.C. in the Kootenay region I always wanted to return home to the Kootenay�s. In 1990 I applied for a position for West Kootenay Power in Trail, B.C. and got it! In the first 8 years there, I collected half a dozen insulators, ones that happen to catch my eye. Little did I know I was collecting specimens which were very sought after by other collectors. My first insulator was a U-192A Fred Locke porcelain piece in a very light tan. I still have this one and it is great shape. In early 1998 I purchased a new computer with intentions of getting online. One night I decided to search for insulators. I caught the bug instantly.

My Collection

Because I am a lineman I have access to porcelain. The company I work for, West Kootenay Power went through a long period of making due with old poles and rarely rebuilt their distribution system. In the early years they were very careful to salvage insulators taken off their old power lines. The distribution is now being completely rebuilt and this gives collectors a chance at some turn of the century pieces. West Kootenay Power bought Imperial, Fred Locke and Victor insulators in the late 1800 and early 1900�s. My collection has some of each and I am slowly finding people to trade with. I have been on many hunts collecting porcelain as well as exploring old rail lines and mine sites for glass.

Family Life

I live in Castlegar, B.C. with my wife Juliette and two children, Nicholas and Ashley. I am a lineman for an electrical utility and my wife works at a financial institution but is currently at home with the children full time. We enjoy the outdoor life here in British Columbia and like to get out camping during the summer. There are many lakes and rivers nearby we use to swim and fish in. Our children keep us busy, as they are involved with many activities in the community.

Other Interests

Written by Hugh Barbour,

Updated Sunday January 3, 1999

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