Ed Olson's Insulator Page

My name is Ed Olson and I've been collecting glass and insulators for a long time but have never been in a club or known anyone else who did more than just LIKE them. So, my collection is rather limited. But now I think I'll get more serious about it.

I'm 49, happily divorced and I work for the US Forest Service in South Carolina.

I don't have any insulators to trade yet and haven't been to any shows.

I also collect firecracker packs and labels, toy cannons, glass bottles, handmade baskets, some wood carvings, rocks, seashells and I will probably be collecting something else before the end of the month.

I prefer finding my own insulators and bottles, when possible but that seems harder and harder to do. Lately I've been crawling through flea markets and actually expanding my collections a bit. I'd like to know of bottle and insulator events anywhere near South Carolina, other collectors in my area or if anyone else collects any of the things I have listed above. We might work out a trade!

Written by Ed Olson,

Last updated Friday, September 27, 1996

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