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CD 115 BrookfieldI would like to tell you about myself and how I got started collecting insulators. My name is DJ. I'm 14 and started collecting in January while on a boy scout camping trip.  A friend and I had discovered the old crossarms in the ditch on the side of the tracks. I got about six that day; didn't know much about them but soon learned a little.

Back to the stuff about boy scouts. I am a Life Scout, almost Eagle Scout; 4 merit badges away.

Since that trip I have gotten only common pieces like Hemingray 42's and Brookfield beehives and Bs and lime Stars.

 I am subscribed to Crown Jewels of the Wire. I collect 2 piece Hemingrays and CDs over 200. I have received insulators from Pat Scott before which aren't very common but I like them just because they are insulators. If someone gave me a rare piece I wouldn't sell it. I'm not in it for the money, I'm in it for preserving history. A friend and I have a mission to rescue all insulators no matter the condition. I also like model railroading HO scale. I have over 200 insulators; mostly common, no carnival, no cobalt and no threadless, but a Whitall Tatum in purple. I'm in the museum in Clio Michigan. I traded them for one of their Brookfield ponies with sharp drip points. My name isn't in there or anything, but I know which one I gave them. Well, I currently live in Virginia. My dad and grandfather help me with the hobby of insulators.

Written by DJ Panknin,

Last updated Wednesday, December 15, 1999

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