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Dave GreensladeAbout Us:

My name is Dave and I hail from South Carolina. Iím retired from the Air Force and currently reside in the historic transcontinental railroad line town of Cheyenne, Wyoming. My wonderful wife, Amy, is a Cheyenne, WY native.

What We Collect:

I specialize in Hemingray 9ís, Hemingray 12ís, AM TEL & TEL Co tolls, Hemingray tolls, and Hemingray 40ís. My first love was collecting early cobalt medicine bottles. While searching antique stores, I noticed several Hemingray blue insulators, which caught my attention. After purchasing several, I was hooked! The medicine bottle collection has been replaced with a new love for colorful glass insulators. As the years went by, we searched many antique stores and flee markets throughout South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado. My best luck in finding quality insulators was through ICON members, eBay, and regional shows. The CD style, which offers me the most variety and pleasure in collecting, is the Hemingray 9. With all the different colors, mold variations, and embossing variants, to include errors, Iím never bored with this little telephone insulator pony. Of coarse there are a few of the Hemingray 9s, which I will most likely never have proudly displayed within my collection due to their scarcity; for example, the smooth base Hemi 9 and the high-end color variants. The numerous different colors and mold varieties within these CD styles offer me years of pleasant insulator collecting.

Favorite Insulator:

CD 257This is difficult to narrow down, since there are so many beautiful insulators, which pop to mind. If I had to choose, Iíve always admired the CD 257 Mickey Mouse. My early collection consisted of several of these large, heavy babies in blues and greens with both the narrow and wide wire groove.

Most Special Insulators:

CD 121My most special insulators within my tiny collection are the fizzy, bubbly, snowy, milky ones. The fizzier the better! Over the years Iíve managed to find very fizzy Hemingray 9s, Hemingray 12ís, AM TEL tolls, Hemingray 16ís, and H.G.CO beehives.

See you at a show!


Last updated Sunday, January 6, 2008

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