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About Me:
My name is Brett Trujillo, I'm 24 years old and have been collecting insulators for two years now. I live just out side Omaha Ne in Louisville Ne with my wife Sarah and 2 year old daughter Taylor. I am originally from Portland Oregon. My mom and stepfather Got me stated collecting these beautiful pieces. They live in Reno, NV
What I collect:
When I started collecting I was collecting hemi 42s and 16s. My stepfather would send my a few here and there to get my collection built up, now I sit at about 60 insulators ranging from 162 cals a 226 no name, a few 147s,208s, and 145 beehives. My favorite colors are 7up green and jade milk green. I really haven�t figured out what type I want to specialize in I think there all cool so if I see one I like I usually buy even if its only a few bucks.
I was able for go on my first hunt for insulators just before winter hit in 2010. A buddy of mine had came over and seen my collection and told me about these old railroad tracks behind his house and the there were several polls still up and that I could come check them out, so of course I went over and we climbed 8 polls that had insulators, (don�t just climb any pole thy could still have live wires BE CAREFUL!!!) I ended up getting 9 insulators. I got a CREB light blue and some 151 HG C.O. in aqua and some more common beehives. I think the best I found was for my daughter they were some plastic 154�s and she loves them a lot better to throw them around then my glass ones. She likes to hold my glass pieces and say oooooo. I have spotted out an area where there is some cobalt 162s still on the pole but it�s next to a farm house and I don�t want to get in trouble.
My Favorite:
I think I can say my favorite is my H.G.CO. Jade milk green 145 beehive

Written by Brett Trujillo,

Last updated May 1, 2011

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