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Elton Gish
 R=Infinity: Unipart and Multipart Porcelain Insulators

Shaun Kotlarsky
Hemingray On-Line Museum

Rick Soller
Insulator Research

Doug Netzke
Sluggo's Insulator Collecting Homepage

Shaun Kotlarsky
Hemingray On-Line Museum

Bill Ostrander
Insulator Collecting!
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  Chris Minicola's Insulator site, by Chris Minicola, , Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
A storage spot for all my personal insulator-related information. Usually not meant to be a public site, various areas of the site are password protected. Insulator database was written from scratch using php and mysql.
  Chris Sistrunk's Insulator Page, by Chris Sistrunk, , Beaumont, TX
This page contains pictures of my insulator collection, other pictures, and links to other web pages.
  Clint's Place, by Clint Gaylord, , Grain Valley, MO
My porcelain signal collection . . . 31 manufacturers, 49 pages of pictures, and 448 insulators.
  Collecting glass insulators, by Nathan Lamkey, , Salem, OR
A collection of photos and miscellaneous items related to collecting insulators including a large database of orignal insulator patent drawings.
  Corning Pyrex Insulators On Parade, by Greg Hafer, , Corning, NY
A pictorial parade of Pyrex insulators. You will find all types of Pyrex insulators that the former Corning Glass Works produced here in Corning, NY.
  Craigs Coulourful Insulators, by Craig Boehm, , Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Site isn't meant to be a color guide in anyway but the colors are as true as I could get them. The site is made for u viewing pleasure of some tough to get canadian and not so tough to get piece's. Most of these were found by myself in the past 3 years
  Dave's old watthour meters site, by Dave Dahle, , Sioux Falls, SD
A site showing the evolution of the electric meter from its crude beginnings to models in common use today.
  Deb's Insulator Collecting Site, by Deb Fiedler, , Pasadena, MD
A relative newBEE's site, this little page highlights my entry into collecting. It includes small pages about what an insulator is, why folks collect them, etc. I think some of the best content on this site is aimed at educating other new collectors about some of the perils of collecting, including polyinsulitis and fake insulators for sale. Hopefully those sections will help others avoid spending their money on junk and getting disappointed by the hobby.
  EYECANDY, by James Doty, , Simi, CA
550+ color pictures of mostly glass, a few porcelain insulators and some go-withs.
  Hemingray On-Line Museum, by Shaun Kotlarsky, , Waterford, MI
A site featuring many of the glass items Hemingray made other than insulators. Stop in and see 100's of photos of Hemingray glassware. - Christian Willis' Personal Insulator Website, by Christian Willis, , Dana Point, CA is the personal insulator web site of Christian Willis, who specializes in Hemingray insulators and glassware. This web site includes information about Christian and his collection, beginner information for those interested in Hemingrays, and new Hemingray finds. is also home to Laugh Lines, the insulator hobby's monthly comic.
  Hungarian Insulators, by Zoltan Drinoczi, , Szekszard, Hungary
Web page about the Hungarian and European Insulators, chiefly from my collection.
  in-glass dot com, by Al & Ginny Way, , Waterbury, CT
Of special note: InGlass Direct: The direct sales of quality jewels; Glass Insulator Nicknames: Reference of known Glass Insulator Nicknames complete with color photos; Information for the New Collector; Photo Album of Fire Grenade Bottles
  Insulator Collecting!, by Bill Ostrander, , Ashland, OR
My personal insulator hompage with insulator collecting stories, and lot s and lots and lots of insulator photos!
  Insulator Gurls, by Insulator Gurls, , British Columbia, Canada
An irreverent view of the world of insulator collecting - follow the ongoing odessy of 2 slightly warped gurls who refuse to take themselves seriously. The thill of the hunt! The excitement of the adventure! The satisfaction of the trophy! -- its really all about us :~} Come share our mad-cap zany canadian humour eh - they're in the air up here!
  Insulator research, by Rick Soller, , Gurnee, IL
Reseach on insulators and the insulator hobby with special emphasis on unusual insulators such as suspensions, radio strains, aerial spacers, compositions, fuse cutouts, and lightning rod insulators.
  Insulators from Australia, by Peter Lowe, , New South Wales, Australia
My collection of world insulators in Australia, a hobby that is enjoy in my spare time.
  Insulators: The Hidden Obsession, by Craig Johnson, , Seattle, WA
A website detailing the collection of one "insulator nut". Lots of photos, descriptions, show reports, and other insulator-related stuff. :-) - where collectors come to meet., by Rod Bushfield, , Delacour, Alberta, Canada
A family orientented, web based forum dedicated to all aspects of the insulator collecting hobby.
  Insulatorstuff Downloads, by Rich Mullins, , Toney, AL
Now On New Server! Site may Be a little slow at times, I am going to upgrade the server when i get around to it.
  Jefferson State Insulator Club, by Bill Ostrander, , Ashland, OR
News, information and history for the Jefferson State Insulator Club. Includes club articles, show reports, a set of pages for our upcoming show, and lots of photos.
  Justin's Insulators, by Justin Stoudt, , Danielsville, PA
My website was made for a few reasons. First I wanted to show off the pieces in my collection along with helping to educate the best that a collector thats been in the hobby a little more than a year can. My goal is to have an easy to navigate site with many pictures and tutorials to educate.
  My Feeble Page, by Charles Robinson, , Racine, WI
Pictuares of my collection, and "In Service" pics from around the midwest. Arranged and categorized for easy navagation.
  Our Insulators, by Mike Csorbay, , York, Ontario, Canada
Photos and descriptions of some of the insulators in our collection, and links to special finds and hunting stories.
  Porcelain Telephone Signs, by Tom Vaughn, , La Porte, IN
Description of vintage porvelain telephone signs with a section on reproductions.
  Porcelain Threadless Insulators, by Doug MacGillvary, , Manchester, CT
A visit to the most complete porcelain threadless collection ever assembled. Every known style is represented, many extremely rare, many "one of a kind".
  R=Infinity: Unipart and Multipart Porcelain Insulators, by Elton Gish, , Buna, TX
The site provides photographs and information about early porcelain insulators as well as information about ordering reference books on porcelain insulators. Currently multipart porcelain insulators are the primary interest, but unipart insulators will be added later.
  Russ Frank's Web Site, by Russ Frank, , McHenry, IL
Photos and stories about our collection of Insulators, Go-Withs, High Voltage Signs, Surge stuff and much much more. A little about us, our first sales table, our first show display and on to a few suggestions for the new collectors.
  Sluggo Insulator Collecting Homepage, by Doug Netzke, , Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
My personal webpage highlighting my collection of Australian and other foreign glass insulators. Also features carnival glass, spools, mine, strain and non-glass insulators.
  Steve Blair's Web Site, by Steve Blair, , London, OH
Photo's of Steve and Lois' collections, shots from some of the old traveling Springfield (London, Washington Court House) shows. Life on teh farm and some of Steves other collections.
  The Dripped Signal, by Al & Ginny Way, , Waterbury, CT
A Collectors Reference: Hemingray H.G.CO. CD162 Dripped Glass Insulators. Our Homestead, Drip Point History, Display Photo Album, Basic Styles Defined, Early Advertising,Fantastic Insulator Links. Of special note: 162 Glass Insulator Color, Insider secrets to glass insulator color revealed, Color & Light variables defined, Photo Reference of Glass Insulator Color Names.
  World-Wide Insulators Home Page, by Caleb Thimell, , Portland, OR
This website is provided to educate and promote world-wide insulator collecting thru the publishing of photos, research information and correspondence between collectors worldwide.

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