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Displaying two piece Tramps

Compiled by Mike Whitaker

3 January 2004

Gary Kline wondered..

How do collectors display their two piece transposition insulators? Some people have used those cast resin cobs? What do people think of them?


Brent Burger comments:

I have bailed on the idea of resin cobs for clear silicon. Just a small blob on opposing sides will hold very well, it is nearly invisible, and easily removed if you really want to get them apart. Oftentimes the two pieces really do not match up well, especially when using a pin. The silicon allows you to position the pieces together to get a really good looking fit. On some real warped ones, I have held the top up using stacked books, or like objects on each side, to give a platform by which one can set popsicle sticks or similar across to support that top where you want it so that the silicon sets up nice and even (even though the glass isn't) Likewise, a third blob placed evenly might be warranted, should the unevenness between the two parts be excessive. When it sets up, it looks like they fit together perfectly, all nice and even, level, and aligned.

Mike Randall comments:

I do not use those plastic pins in a window display. I have heard they can partially melt from the sun and permanently glue your tramp together and you will never get it apart again. I use plastic book cover pages that can be bought at a stationary store. These pages have a memory in the plastic. I cut 3 inch by 9 inch strips roll them up like a hot-dog and put them in the top tramp. When you let go they will unwind and lock into the threads. Then drop the top into the bottom. The plastic is hard to see and cheap to buy.

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