Price Guide Trends

Insulators that have gone up (or down) in relative value the most.

This chart lists the insulators that have gone up or down the most from 2003 to 2007 based on the corresponding price guides. This chart uses the price guide ranges in the price guide. A "delta value" reflects how many ranges the price has changed. Note that the absolute value of the price of the insulator is not considered, just the relative value, in terms of increase or decrease in price range.

For instance, we have the price guide ranges of


If a piece was worth $125-150 in 2003 and is now worth $175-200, it has moved up two price range levels, or a delta range change of two. Likewise, a piece that was worth $200-250 in 2003 and is now worth $125-150, it has moved down three price range levels, or a delta range change of three.

The table below lists all pieces that have gone down three or more ranges, and those that have gone up four or more ranges.

The two bigger gainers are explained by the fact that CD 271 is the "only one known" in that CD, thus of significant value to CD collectors. The CD 164 H.G.Co. in SB was a pricing error, in that it was priced as though it had drip points, rather than a smooth base.

CD SortPrimary EmbossingBaseColor Price 2003Price 2007delta
232.2HEMINGRAYCBClear 400-500100-125-8
328PYREXSBClear 2,000-2,500800-1,000-5
328.2PYREXSBClear 2,000-2,500800-1,000-5
328.2PYREXSBYellow Tint 2,000-2,500800-1,000-5
122MCLAUGHLINRDPCitrine 500-600250-300-4
154MCLAUGHLINFDPLime Green 40-5010-15-4
164MCLAUGHLINFDPLime Green 40-5010-15-4
164MCLAUGHLINSDPLime Green 30-405-10-4
328.2PYREXSBCarnival 3,000-3,5001,500-1,750-4
115MCLAUGHLINFDPClear 200-250125-150-3
115MCLAUGHLINRDPClear 200-250125-150-3
121MCLAUGHLINSBYellow Green 700-800400-500-3
145H.G.CO.SBDark Aqua 200-250125-150-3
145H.G.CO.SBTeal Green 800-1,000500-600-3
147PATENT - OTHERSBAqua 250-300150-175-3
154DOMINIONRDPPeach 15-203-5-3
154MCLAUGHLINRDPLime Green 30-4010-15-3
154MIN COMRDPLight Aqua 200-250125-150-3
162MCLAUGHLINFDPLime Green 30-4010-15-3
162MCLAUGHLINRDPLime Green 30-4010-15-3
162MCLAUGHLINSDPLime Green 30-4010-15-3
164MCLAUGHLINRDPLime Green 20-305-10-3
164MCLAUGHLINSDPLime Green 30-4010-15-3
330PYREXSBClear 2,000-2,5001,250-1,500-3
330PYREXSBLight Yellow 2,000-2,5001,250-1,500-3
107P.S.S.A.SBGingerale 50-75150-1754
107P.S.S.A.SBYellow Olive Green 50-75150-1754
120PATENT - DEC. 19, 1871SBCornflower Blue 1,000-1,2502,000-2,5004
121MCLAUGHLINRDPLight Olive Green 400-500800-1,0004
126BROOKFIELDSBLight Aqua 5-1030-404
134NO EMBOSSINGSBAqua 15-2050-754
134OAKMAN MFG.CO.BEEmerald Green 3,500-4,0007,500-10,0004
143DWIGHTSBSteel Blue 50-75150-1754
154DIAMONDRDPLight Green 3-520-304
154MCLAUGHLINRDPDepression Glass Green 100-125200-2504
161CALIFORNIASBCitrine 30-40100-1254
162.7NO EMBOSSING - MEXICORDPDark Olive Green 100-125200-2504
164MCLAUGHLINFDPClear 50-75150-1754
164MCLAUGHLINRDPLemon 30-40100-1254
245NO NAMESBAqua (with glass oil cup) 400-500800-1,0004
245T-H.SBAqua (with glass oil cup) 400-500800-1,0004
288MERSHONRBEmerald Green 1,000-1,2502,000-2,5004
102SO.MASS.TEL.CO.SBLight Green Aqua 75-100200-2505
121HEMINGRAYSDPYellow Green 75-100200-2505
154LYNCHBURGSDPAqua 5-1040-505
162.4NO NAME - CANADASBGreen 100-125250-3005
164MCLAUGHLINFDPOff Clear 30-40125-1505
102SO.MASS.TEL.CO.SBClear 125-150350-4006
120NO EMBOSSINGSBMidnight Blue 2,000-2,5005,000-7,5006
134DIAMOND PSBGreen/Sapphire Blue Two Tone 2,000-2,5005,000-7,5006
143CANADIAN PACIFIC RY.CO.SBDark Sky Blue 50-75200-2506
160HEMINGRAYRDP7-up Green 800-1,0002,500-3,0006
106HEMINGRAYSDPLight Blue 10-15100-1257
143CANADIAN PACIFIC RY.CO.SBDark Teal Blue 50-75250-3007
271HEMINGRAYSDPHemingray Blue 1,000-1,2505,000-7,50010
162H.G.CO.SBHoney Amber 100-125800-1,00012