Perth Hotels

These hotels / motels are all located on the west end of Perth on Highway 7; they are right across the road from an old railway line with poles, crossarms and there's even some insulators.  What could be more fitting!

These are smaller places and the Aquarius Motel offers a good discount for OVIC show attendees.

* recommended by show attendees
Non-smoking rooms only. Has phones, microwaves, fridges and TVs in all rooms
Phone: 613-267-4261
Rates: One bed: $59.00, 2 beds: $69.00 ($15.00 savings from published rate)
* recommended by show attendees
Offer smoking (call to confirm) and non-smoking rooms.
Phone: 613-267-3300
Rates:  Call
COLONIAL HOUSE MOTOR INN Non-smoking rooms only.
Phone: 613-267-3660
Rates:  Call