Jefferson State Insulator Club
June Meeting Pre-Hunt

On Saturday, April 8, 2000, Ken Klein and Bill Ostrander scouted out some old telephone lines in the general area of the June meeting, looking for hike locations. This one has potential!

NOTE Although this line has probably been here for 70+ years, only three days after these photos were taken the line was contracted out to be removed, and is all gone now! However, Ken has a (secret) list of about 30 sites in his area for insulator hikes!

Ken Klein looks down the pole line.

Some of the poles on the ground were very old.

Apparently someone has taken some of the poles!

A peach Armstrong CD128 [020]. Looks straw in the photo, but it's Peach...unlisted color!

Ken found a crossarm under a bush...with an aqua Whitall Tatum on it.

Good thing he pulled the crossarm up!

Pretty good for a pre-hunt hunt.

Be sure to attend the June, 2000 meeting!

Photos by Bill Ostrander

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Last Updated April 8, 2000