Jefferson State Insulator Club

1st JSIC Meeting!

The first Jefferson State Insulator Club meeting was held Sunday, August 14, 1999 at Howard Banks home in Merlin, Oregon. Attending were Howard Banks of Merlin, Gary Michener of Rogue River, Scott Morrell of Medford, and Bill Ostrander of Ashland. There were insulator displays set up, and Howard had more insulators in the "bone pile" out back. Howard and his family served up a bbq dinner after the meeting. Scott is looking into the NIA requirements for an NIA-sanctioned club. We will then come up with bylaws, and elect officers. Our next meeting is planned for October 2, 1999 at 3:00 at Scott Morrell's house, and an insulator hunt/campout is planned for September 9-11, 1999. For more information, contact Howard at

1st annual Southern Oregon insulator meet and hike, July 24/25 1999.

Howard Banks hosted the first annual Southern Oregon insulator meet at his beautiful home in Merlin, Oregon. The weather couldn't have been better, and 22 people showed up...from as far away as Fresno, CA, and Mesa, AZ. Lots of nice glass and porcelain changed hands, but the most fun had to be the "bone pile" out back. Howard had about 1500 mostly-common insulators sorted out on tarps...beehives and CD152/154's were 50 cents each, purple CD152 Californias were $1-2 depending on chippage, and CD133 W.Brookfield/Cauvets were $2-4. I think half the insulators found new homes. Nathan Lamkey from Salem took home all the CD152 Hemingrays to use as fence-post toppers on his property. Mark Taylor, a guest of Bill Ostrander's from Arizona came along just to look, but wound up buying his first insulators, including about 24 from the boneyard!

The hike the second day was attended by about 10 people. We searched along the old highway 99 near Canyonville, where the old USTel long-distance line, the Postal line, and supposedly the old threadless line ran. Not much glass was found, but lots of poles and crossarms were seen. We later went into Canyonville to tour the antique shops and get ice-cream. All in all, a very fun weekend.

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