Jefferson State
Insulator Club

Jefferson State Insulator Club - Meeting Report - Oct 2, 1999
Taken by Scott Morrell

Officers Elected:

President: Bill Ostrander
Vice President: Howard Banks
Treasurer/Membership Secretary: Scott Morrell
Annual Dues:

$10 (individual)
$15 (family)
$5 (junior - 16 or under)

Members shall receive the quarterly newsletter, a club membership certificate and card. Members are welcome to participate in scheduled insulator hunts, swaps, and meetings.
A quarterly newsletter will be produced by Bill Ostrander. Newsletter contributions from club members and others are welcome. Newsletter name to be determined. Suggestions to date:

Jefferson State Signal
Jefferson State Telegraph
A club patch or decal was discussed at our meeting. Cost of producing a patch is prohibitive at this time. More research shall be done regarding a club decal.
The Jefferson State Insulator Club Webpage shall be maintained by Bill Ostrander. Webpage address is: Club email contact: (Scott Morrell)
JSIC will have regular meetings on the first Saturday of every other month (unless otherwise noted). See for schedule. Time and place will also be announced in the JSIC newsletter. Note: The next meeting will be held Dec 11th, at the home of Bill Ostrander.
JSIC will have two insulator swaps per year. The next two swaps are scheduled as follows:
January 15, 2000 - At the home of Gary Michener July 15, 2000 - At the home of Howard Banks (For more directions & more info, contact ..Directions and further info will also appear in future newsletters)

A total of $115 was collected at the Oct 2 meeting. This included $10 each from 7 charter members, and additional contributions to "jump start" the JSIC treasury. In addition to dues and cash contributions, Gary Michener generously donated a sage Hemingray No.19 CD162[070] SDP to be sold, with proceeds going to the JSIC treasury. Thank you Gary!
Scott Morrell is presently investigating which bank will offer the best terms to open a JSIC account. There is concern that monthly service charges will eat into the club's modest reserve. As soon as an account is established, members will be informed. Dues & donations are safely stored for the time being in an antique fruit jar buried under the old oak tree, 75 paces north of the privy.
End of report

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