Jefferson State Insulator Club

Fred M. Locke Dig

On April 1, 2000, several members journeyed to Northern California to dig for Fred M. Locke insulators and pieces. Parts of M2998's, M2795's, M2796's, M4325's and M3725's were found.

See the Crown Jewels of the Wire, March 1998 for information on the M2998's, and December 1998 for the M3725's.

Mid Norris and Howard Banks digging for Locke parts.

Mid Norris, Ken Klein and Scott Morrell pulling Lockes out of the dirt.

Top of an M2795

M2795 base

Freshly dug M2795 pieces

M4325(?) Blue Victor top

Lots of M2998 and M3725 pieces

M2998 base

M2795 pieces waiting to be matched.

As much as could be assembled from all the M2795 pieces.

...But wait! A thorough search turned up more matching parts.
All-porcelain F.M. Lockes waiting to be assembled.

One M2998 has been assembled so far.

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