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Fred M. Locke Insulator Hunt, February 20, 2000

Howard Banks hosted an insulator hunt along a portion of the old Rogue River Electric Company line near Grants Pass, Oregon. Enthusiastically joining the hunt were Howard and David Banks (Merlin, Oregon), Ken Klein (Cassel, California), Scott Morrell (Medford, Oregon), Mid Norris (Chiloquin, Oregon), Carl Scott (Crescent City, California), and Bill Ostrander (Ashland, Oregon). Some parts of Fred M. Locke M2795's were found, and several large pieces of M2842's were also located. Many pieces were dug up at the base of a pine tree. Members will be assembling the pieces, and will return for any missing crumbs! It was noted that members travelled over 1000 miles combined for this hunt!

Trying to match pieces. L to R: Bill Ostrander, David Banks, Ken Klein, Mid Norris.
That's a piece of a glass base to a M2795 being held on the left.

Some Fred M. Locke M2842 tops and base pieces.

Mid Norris examines the freshly-dug top of an M2842.

Photos by Howard Banks

M2842 pieces on Bill Ostrander's bench...

...and re-assembled, with some base pieces still to be found.

Insulator Hunt Planned February 20, 2000!

From Howard Banks:

I've received a request that the February club hunt for JSIC members be held on a Sunday. How does the 20th sound to everyone? We'll walk a mountianous stretch of the 1905 Rogue River Electric Company power line to the Greenback Mine, which used Fred M Locke insulators. A word of warning here... the terrain is exceedingly steep and not suitable for anyone with walking difficulties, breathing difficulties or heart problems. Also... don't expect to find any whole insulators. This will be an outing for those interested in classic porcelain power insulators. The best hope is that you might find enough fragments to piece one of them back together. Note: In November I sold a M-2842 that I found on this line that had been restored from a dozen pieces and received $250 for it. If you are interested in this outing... email me your confirmation and also for instructions to my house. I'd hope to leave Merlin at 10:00 and the outing will end around 3:00. There's the offer... who's interested?



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