Mid Norris sponsored a BBQ at his Insulator Ranch in Chiloquin again this fall. Many club members attended, and most camped out. The insulator swapping was fast and furious, and after that calmed down, Mid opened his junk boxes for club members to "shop". Mid has a very impressive display of insulators inside and outside!

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Carl Scott gets out his tent.
The gang warms up in the morning.
Part of Mid's fence display.
More of Mid's yard display.
Doing some hardware shopping are Mid Norris, Scott Morrell, Carl Scott, Ken Klein and xxx.
Nathan Lamkey paws through the spool racks.
Carl Scott eyes a transposition bracket.
Mid, Scott, Ernie Carlson and Ken doing some more picking.
Mid has insulators everywhere!
A room full of insulator people!
Carl gets ready to buy something.
More insulator inspecting. Note the almost empty table in front. Howard Banks had something for just about everyone.

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