Jefferson State
Insulator Club

Club Meeting - January 19, 2002

Scott and Christy Morrell hosted the January 2002 club meeting at their home in Medford. We discussed the upcoming show, and approved our advertising which will be similar to last year. We will have more of a push for local advertising this year. Tim Wood, Bob Jackson, Nathan Lamkey and Bill Ostrander all brought insulators to sell, and Tim did quite well. Carl Scott came away with a CD 731 McKee, and Bill Ostrander got among others, a nice greenish CD 253 Knowles and a CD 143 Montreal. Scott Morrell agonized over a beautiful CD 267.5, but put it back remembering the new house they just bought...carpet and appliances come first! He did snag a really nice green CD 125 though. Bob Jackson bought a lot to put in the Medford and Woodland, California antique malls. He has reported good sales in both. He has a card promoting JSIC in the Medford mall. Bill Ostrander has a shelf in an antique mall in Grants Pass, and December sales there were good too. Bill brought some show-and-tell insulators including the first reported CD 106 from Chile, and a blue-grey Locke R=oo suspension from Arizona.

Upcoming club activities include a meeting at the Medford Railroad Park on April 27th where we (Bill, Carl, Mid, Ken and Nathan) will climb and install new crossarms and insulators on their telegraph poles. We are planning an August meeting in Albany, Oregon at Tim Wood's home.

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Tim Wood, Mike Randall, Howard Banks, Scott Morrell, Carl Scott, Bob Jackson, Ken Klein. Milling around before the business part of the meeting.
Howard Banks, Mindy Michener and Bob Jackson looking over some of Tim Wood's fare.
Carl "High Voltage" Scott...KEEP AWAY!
Nathan Lamkey, Mid Norris and Ken Klein looking over what Nathan brought down from Salem.
Folding table reservation forms to be mailed out to last year's show participants.

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