Insulators in use
in JSIC territory.

Most of the glass insulators still in use in the region are on the railroads. This is near Talent, Oregon.
These suspensions are near the freeway in Grants Pass, Oregon. These are relatively common in the region on PP&L lines. They are bowl-shaped, and come in clear and blue-aqua.
These carnival-glass supensions were made by Pyrex in the early 1940's. From below, they just look like dirty clear glass. This photo is from Springfield, Oregon.
Two CD133 ER's in use near Summerlake, Oregon. Who knows how they got there, but it looks like they've been in service a long time.
Photo by Scott Morrell
Here's a dome-embossed Brookfield near Medford, Oregon.
These have been in service here for 70 years!

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