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2004 Display Award Winners

Carl Scott won Third Place - Overall, JSIC Club's Choice award and People's Choice Award for his display of lineman's tools and photos

Tim Wood and Howard Banks won Second Place - Overall for their display of early California telegraph insulators, including EC&M's and Cal Electrics

Ken Bergstrom won First Place - Overall for his display of a wide variety of Ramshorn insulators
Here are the displays in the order they were presented (from left to right in the room), and the awards they won.
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Howard Banks and Tim Wood
A showing of colorful and rare early California telegraph insulators, including EC&M's, CEW's and Cal Electrics.
  • Second Place

Janet Bond
A fantastic array of colorful insulators!

Ken Bergstrom
An array of rare and very early Ramshorn telegraph insulators. Included were a Leffert's Hook and some Mt. Washington ramshorns in their original wood block.
  • First Place

Ken Bergstrom
Here's a close-up of some of the insulators.

Gil Hedges-Blanquez & Bill Ostrander
Gil and Bill put together some of their Mexican insulators to show. Gil was showing off his new and RARE Jalisco threadless.

Mindy Michener
JSIC Club President Mindy showed off her collection of nice Canadian CD 102 ponies.

Gary Michener's collection of CD 120 insulators.

Terry Drollinger
Terry's large collection of diminutive "Baby Signals".

Carl Scott
Carl shows off the tools of the trade, including a great array of historical lineman photographs.
  • Third Place Overall
  • People's Choice Award
  • JSIC Club's Choice Award

Here's a detail of some of the photographs from Carl's display.

Bruce Silva
Bruce's rare Whiskey bottles.

Jim Sinsley
Jim's Santa Ana Spaceship Solar System! Just about every known color and variant of CD 178.
  • JSIC Club's Choice Runner-Up

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