Thanks to all that put in the effort to bring a display to the show!!!
We LOVE to look at displays.

2003 Display Award Winners
Carl Scott, JSIC "Favorite Display" Award; Mindy Michener, Third Place overall; Julie Dennis, Second Place overall; Bruce Silva, First Place overall.

Here are the displays in the order they were presented (from right to left in the room), and the awards they won.
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Barbara Smith, "Southern Power - 1909"
Another exciting display by the Smith-Mead team, this shows off some rare early Thomas suspensions.

Dave Hall's Booz Cabin bottles. Although most are reproductions, they are OLD reproductions, and are QUITE collectable!

Bruce Silva's Whiskey Bottles.
  • First Place

Keith Lunt's Poison Bottles.

Julie Dennis' wide variety of ink bottles and related items.
  • Second Place

Carl Scott's large and varied collection of "Johnny Balls". This display came in a close second in the JSIC "Club's Choice" category.

Carl Scott's "My Favorite Insulators".
  • JSIC Club's Choice Award

Gary Michener's collection of CD 120 insulators.

Mindy Michener's Diamond Ponys
  • Third Place

Dwayne Anthony's NIA educational display of altered insulators. These insulators were first sawed in half, saving the right half at the unaltered control. The left pieces were then altered by radiation and heating.

Gil Hedges' display of all blue porcelain. It came in third in the JSIC "Club's Choice" category.

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