Thanks to all that put in the effort to bring a display to the show!!!
We LOVE to look at displays.

Here are the displays in the order they were presented, and the awards they won.
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Bill Ostrander, "McLaughlin Insulators"
  • Third Place overall
  • Howard Banks, "An Aid to the Identification of EC&M's"
  • Second Place, overall
  • Linda Banks, "Lightning Strikes"

    Bill Ostrander, "Star Insulators".

    Mindy Michener, "Pony Village"

    Carl Scott, "My Favorites".
  • Crown Jewels Banner - Most Rare
  • Carl Scott, "Transpositions"

    Carl Scott, "Californias"

    Dave Scafani, Local Bottles

    Dave Scafani, Local Milk Bottles

    Dan Howard, "Colorful and Rare Radio Strains"
  • First Place overall
  • JSIC People's Choice award
  • Here's Dan Howard placing the ribbon on his display.

    Dave Phillips of the Medford Morse Telegraph club sends a telegram across the room.

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