Summer Swap Meet
August 18, 2001

Hosted by Charles and Dee Bibb
Inverness, MS

Rain couldn't dampen the enthusiasm of those who attended the DJIC summer swap meet and club meeting held this past Saturday, August 18th, in Inverness, MS. This was the first DJIC function in the Magnolia State, and resulted in some new collectors signing up for club membership.

Tables had to be moved in out of the rain before things got underway, but by mid-day the sun had reappeard to help show off all the colorful jewels.

Here Dudley Ellis (GA) smiles for the camera as Shirley and Percy Hill (LA) inspect some insulators offered for sale or trade.

(L-R) Rick Bailey, Will Havener, Raleigh Sanford, Elizabeth and Gary Tilson, Ken Roberts (AL).

Jason Stevens (TN, left) checking out
the sales stock. Glenn Drummond (AL)
on the right.
Rick Bailey's (MS) wife, Lynn, (far right) has
become quite the collector herself.

Glenn Drummond explains an interesting attribute of the CD155
to Elizabeth and Gene Bryant (MS). That's Gary Tilson (TN) on the
right with his back to the camera.

Raleigh Sanford (TN, white cap) brought his two nephews, Will and Alex Havener, seen here showing off some recent finds to Charles Bibb (host, red shirt) and Dudley Ellis.
Collectors doing what collectors do at an insulator event!

Great people,
Good food,

This outstanding display of 1871 "Bullets" was done by Glenn Drummond.
It contained 55 pieces total - 43 CD132's, 8 CD133.4's, and 4 CD133's.
This was a display of some rarely-seen pieces worhty of an award at a National show!
The CD132 (one of my two specialties) was well respresented by the 43 that Glenn brought and the 38 in my own collection.
A Yellow-Green Beehive Reunion

Five crown-embossed Brookfield beehives in various shades
of yellow-green were reunited at this meeting. These were all
found on the same line in Mississippi over a span of three years
and seventy-five miles.

Collectors whose insulators posed for this photo include:
Charles Bibb, Ken Roberts, Raleigh Sanford, and Rick Bailey.

The Dixie Jewels Insulator Club meets on the 3rd Saturday of
February, May, August, and November, and at other shows as possible.

Dues are $10 per year, individual or family.

Newsletter published quarterly.