February   2002
Swap Meet

Hosted by Ben Kelly and Sabine Varnadoe
Winston, Georgia

(Above) The beautiful new home of Ben Kelly and Sabine
Varnadoe, tucked away in the hills near Atlanta, provided
a great spot for our first meeting this year.  There's Ben on
the extreme right of the photo, in the gray shirt.
(Below) Keith Roloson, Ben Kelly, Cal
Baker, and Jackie Shaver check out a
Teal-Cobalt Hemingray signal Keith
brought for show and tell.

We always have great food at our meetings.
Chowing down are (left to right) Zane Hendrix,
Gary Tilson, Ed Overstreet (in the cap),
Keith Roloson, Charles Bibb, Michael Green,
and Rick Bailey.  In the window, you can see
part of Ben's colorful collection.
Jackie Shaver (back to camera) and Glenn
Drummond perusing the sales table of
a smiling Dudley Ellis.
What a great day
for an insulator swap meet!

Charles Bibb and Ed Overstreet somberly study one dealer's offerings.

The Dixie Jewels Insulator Club meets on the 3rd Saturday of
February, May, August, and November, and at other shows as possible.

Dues are $10 per year, individual or family.

Newsletter published quarterly.