Membership Application Form

The Chesapeake Bay Insulator Club was formed in December 1988. The object of the club is to promote and encourage the hobby of collecting insulators in the states bordering the Chesapeake Bay, including Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC. The club meets five times a year. In addition to regular meetings, we have a major insulator show each spring and a more informal swap meet each fall. A newsletter is also published five times a year. The club plans other activities such as insulator hunts and industrial tours. Club members are active collectors of glass and porcelain insulators and related items and are happy to share their knowledge with new or experienced collectors. Club patches are available as well as hats, shirts and sweatshirts with the club logo. Membership dues are used to assist in paying for the club activities and club administration. The Chesapeake Bay Insulator Club is a non-profit organization

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DUES: $12.00 per year per household.

Please print this form, make checks payable to the Chesapeake Bay Insulator Club and return to:

Jeff Hollis
56 Corning Way
Martinsburg, WV 25405