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Mystery of Southern Porcelain Company Unearthed

For a number of years, the exact location of the Southern Porcelain Co. and what, if any, insulators they manufactured has been a subject of conjecture. (See Crown Jewels of the Wire, June 1991)

It is a mystery no more! A more complete story will follow later in 1997, but the Southern Porcelain dump has been located and has been dug. Yes, the Southern Porcelain Co. (SPCO) did indeed make U-990 teapots as well as small size blocks and a couple of other varieties. While a large number of fragments and shards were found, a smaller number of whole U-990s and blocks also were unearthed. A somewhat larger number of teapots without spouts also appeared and amazingly, enough spouts were found so that many of the spouts can essentially be matched with the body that they came from. Nearly all of these are unglazed specimens of what appears to be (or is) terra cotta.

This amazing find has to rank with the other top discoveries in our hobby. This is a no nonsense, legitimate find and has been authenticated. The exhibits shown here are some preliminary photos of items found, both as they appeared when dug and after the dig.

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This issue of Crown Jewels of the Wire magazine is privileged to share the first ad which offers for sale a number of these specimens while they last. For the dedicated insulator collector or the historian, these items are highly desirable, both because of their significance to our hobby and historical value.

You won't want to miss the "CrossRoads Advertising" in this month's issue.

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Last updated Saturday, February 1, 1997