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April 1996

"The mystery mound of aqua insulators ... and a contest!!!"

Carol McDougald didn't give me a caption for this month's photograph, so I had to make one up. Let me tell you, this is a weird photograph! We decided to turn it into a contest. You have to answer:

Prizes awarded for all 2 or 3 point answers received before April 1st (no fooling!)

The contest is over! And the answers please...

Tommy Bolack in his insulator gladiator garb stands next to a newly built "Aqua Mound" at his Electro-Mechanical Museum on his property in Farmington, New Mexico. The mound is about 14 feet in diameter, and over 6 feet in height. It is all insulators (mostly CD 145 and CD 152). It is anyone's guess home many insulators are really in the pile!

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The "Aqua Mound"

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Last updated Sunday, April 14, 1996