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Tarif Nš 430

The price list accompanying the 1948 Catalog is obviously hand typed. In the original copy, one can easily see typos that have been corrected by backspacing and typing over the previous letter, blurred strikes on some letters (especially the "e" in the bottom half of the first page), and various typos, grammatical faults, and inconsistencies. The latter have been left intact in this on-line version. It is quite possible that I made a number of mistakes while transcribing this document, but it's also possible that any mistakes were made by the original creator. If in doubt -- send me an e-mail and I can check the original.

One particular usage that has me baffled is the quite consistent usage of the capital letter "I" in place of the numeric one ("1"). My original thought was that the numeric "1" on the typewritter keyboard was broken, but then I noticed several uses of the numeric one ("1"), mainly in the last pages of the price list under the "TARIFS DES ACCESSOIRES", but also on the first page in the formula for the price index. Maybe what looks like the number one is really a lower case "L", and is just another indication of the small inconsistencies within the document. Maybe there is a reason that the capital "I" is used for the number one. If anybody has any idea of the reason for this, I'd be quite interested.

In case you are interested, in 1948, $1 = 3.088 FF, per PACIFIC Exchange Rate Service. I am not entirely sure what the actual prices cover. The column header for the price translates to "Net Unit Price, 10% tax included", but I'm not sure what the "unit" in question really is. A cost of about $5.67 for a CD 575 DC 2 seems rather expensive, and the cost of about $8.74 for a fuseholder terminal (which is basically a bolt with a few washers and nuts) is patently absurd. The first page discusses "standard packing crates," but gives no indication of the quantity per crate. Again, if anyone has any thoughts on this subject, I'd certainly welcome the feedback.

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