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A Comedy of Errors.

C. H. (Helmer) Turner, an early collector from Springfield, Missouri sent N. R. Woodward this newspaper clipping from the Springfield Missouri Daily News, dated July 25, 1970.

Mr. Turner was a geologist employed by the Missouri State Highway Commission.

He was born on December 24, 1900, and died on March 13, 1988.

I can't help but wonder just how much those worthless insulators were worth.

Paul Rubin

Page 24 Sat., July 25, 1970 Springfield, MO Daily News

Released in 'Comedy of Errors'

'Antique' Insulators
Replaced, Men Questioned

Two men aged 28 and 29 got less than they bargained for Thursday night. They also got more than they bargained for -- questioning by sheriff's deputies.

The two, released yesterday without charges, were first observed about 8:30 p.m. three fourths of a mile south of the Old Coleman School in the Ash Grove area.

The men, riding in an unmarked pickup truck, were observed near Bell Telephone poles and were picked up about three hours later by deputies.

When stopped, the men told deputies that they had removed "antique" insulators from the poles and replaced the "antiques" with new insulators. 

The men, who replaced the old insulators with new ones in what deputies described as "professional manner," removed the old insulators believing that they were of value as antiques.

The "antiques" are worthless and deputies said the mens' re-placements are worth more than the originals.

The men were questioned, and convinced deputies that they had no criminal intent. Bell declined to press any charges and the men were released.

"A comedy of errors," said a Bell security expert called from Kansas City to assist in the affair.

Deputies said neither man has any criminal record, and that both have excellent work records and are veterans. 

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