Huge Power Display As Shown, Muncies, Coolies, Stackers, Pyrex, Etc.

By Richard Case; posted December 6, 2017

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Huge Power Display As Shown, Muncies, Coolies, Stackers, Pyrex, Etc, The redwood beams are now just about 50 years old in a few years, In todays world they don't make them anymore this thick. and most of the insulators are vnm to mint except a few pieces. I prefer to sell as a set, not cheap either as where will you find some of the rarest Muncie's and coolies besides the guys in Montana. Most of you may have seen this display and time to pass it on. Hem 76 w. amber, No name Muncie, amber base on stacker Hemingray 79 and a pyrex stacker. Locke Gutter top, carnivals, Some porcelain. You pick up, it will take a full pickup truck or rent a van . $9500.00 just about what it cost me in time and money over the decades to assemble this display. Three of the largest porcelains are gone. Some insulators are not shown in the picture and they may be added when purchased if the price is right, they are just extras. I might surprise you too. You will also get the original pins as used with the insulators. They are very scarce too. Love those wood turning by Mr. Corriero. We always can discuss terms, you will get a few extra pieces too so not all is shown here. I just didn't have to room to display them at the time. A real bargain compared trying to find these pieces. click here to view larger picture= [id=440973290]