Lot #22 Clean Aqua STAR & Green Tint Beehive Insulators

By Mike Gaudy; posted September 24, 2017

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This (these) insulator(s) is (are) in near mint condition; any noticeable damage is described below. Tiny nicks or flea bites are not numerated. Photos taken in natural daylight some with shear curtains and/or in front of full spectrum fluorescent light. I will combine shipping. The "lot" numbers (#) help me keep track of insulators they are not embossed with that number.

Lot #22A Aqua STAR Beehive insulator Clean & Clear This insulator has just a beautiful color (even if it is the most common of colors amongst insulators. Damage consists of an inner petticoat chip and a tiny open bubble in the base.

Lot #22B Green tint HG CO PETTICOAT Insulator HUGE WG WARE This insulator is embossed "H. G. CO." (back) "PETTICOAT" The only damage is some roughness to about a third of the bottom of the petticoat. UNLESS you count wire groove ware. There are four different spots about an inch long where the tie wire wore on the insulator wire groove. I have featured the most severe ware/chipping in the photos.

$20 plus shipping for the pair.