Three CD 102 Character Amber Big Bubble Star / Wm Brook / Brook Insulators

By Mike Gaudy; posted September 22, 2017

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These insulators are in near mint condition; (no cracks or bruises). There may be some flea bites or small nicks and chips on each of them. Ask if every detail is desired and I will send a complete ping and ding report. Photos were taken in natural daylight some with shear curtains and/or in front of 5000 color fluorescent lights.

From left to right: Super character star with big dome bubble, light fizz, cold flow marks on dome and deformed at the pin hole. There is a finger-nail flat chip on the front skirt below and right of the star. $35 shipped in the USA. Center: Green Aqua (more aqua than green) Wm Brookfield with a side-ways "0" on the back crown no damage $20 shipped in the USA. Right: very squashed BROOKFIELD odd ping or hot glass impact mark above the wire-groove and directly above the "R" $20 shipped in the USA. OR take all three for $60 SHIPPED in the USA.

NOTE: LOOK AT the 3rd PHOTO for a TRUER representation of the COLORS.